Stone Gods

from by Sunless Sky

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Stone Gods


Spoken in legend, yet older than time
Down through the ages, somewhere you will find
Tales of the Giants, that ring strong and true
Cause they are among us, yet hidden from view

They are the guardians, everlasting and tall
Through long millennia, their gaze sees it all
Hard as the mountains, immovable and vast
To every horizon, their stone eyes are cast
For they are the sentinels, forever renewed
Eons unmoving, nothing hides from their view


Kings, on Earthly throne, they stand alone
They are the Stone Gods
Our, sins they atone, they'll not condone
They are the Stone God
With, hearts made of Stone, not flesh nor bone
They are the Stone Gods-


They are the watchers, monoliths in time
Ageless and tireless, are their never closing eyes
They are eternal, know not sleep or life
So they're ever watching, through the day and the night
For they are the seers, of death and rebirth
For they are the masters of the world
Keepers of the sky, protectors of the rain
Holders of the wind, all this they claim
Sun, moon and star, Cloud, mist and frost
All they hold sacred, and never to be lost


from Doppelgänger, released April 7, 2017
Music by Curran Murphy

Lyrics by Juan Ricardo, and Curran Murphy



all rights reserved


Sunless Sky Cleveland, Ohio

Pure American Power Metal, Sunless Sky creates a modern sound on the bones of classic metal. Embracing the history of metal and bringing new levels of sonic strength and excitement to the genre, Sunless Sky never disappoints.

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