by Sunless Sky

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Another metal GOD has returned in 2017! Metal fans have gathered in their masses anticipating the brand new release from American power metal band SUNLESS SKY! Showcasing the talents of the legendary US metal singer Juan Ricardo, SUNLESS SKY release their second album entitled "Doppelgänger", a Pure Steel Records power metal masterpiece! Juan’s vocal power will also appear on the upcoming spring 2017 release from WRETCH entitled “The Hunt”.
Singer Juan Ricardo (Attaxe, Ritual) brings vocal melodies and lyrics to the crushing music of lead guitarist Curran Murphy (Nevermore, Annihilator), bass/rhythm guitarist Kevin Czarnecki and drummer Coltin Rady. One great power track after another to drain the blood from your ears! “Doppelgänger" comes at you full throttle and at high speed! 2017 begins with a dream for worldwide metal fans. Pure Steel Records will make that dream become a reality!


released April 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Sunless Sky Cleveland, Ohio

Pure American Power Metal, Sunless Sky creates a modern sound on the bones of classic metal. Embracing the history of metal and bringing new levels of sonic strength and excitement to the genre, Sunless Sky never disappoints.

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Track Name: Starfall

A hundred trillion years ago
When the stars first lit the sky
The light that had hit our eyes
We thought would never die
But nothing lasts forever
In time all things expire
We watched them all perish
In a night of burning fire


The death of the universe
Or the start of endless night
One by one they flash and burn
And fall from our sight
Sky born funeral
For each bright shining star
Once we thought were beautiful
Is now just a scar


Where were you, when they fell from the sky?
Where were you, when we all saw them die?
Alone in the dark, we stood and cried
For the starlight, no longer in our eyes
Starfall- Starfall-

It ends as it began
Return to dark eternal
The last days of Man
Or begin a life nocturnal
Track Name: Doppelgänger

Evil creation or imagination
He looks and he acts just like me
A simulation or a fabrication
Hidden behind what you see


In this twisted universe, realities combine
Worlds intersect and dimensions intertwine
Out there in a place beyond all space and time
Where dark planets cross and dead stars align


Oh No- Has he stolen my face?
The Doppelganger
Have I been replaced?
By the Doppelganger
Lost without a trace
By the Doppelganger

A cell mutation or a variation
This opposite that I dispise
A confrontation, spirit immolation
A harbinger of my demise
This divination, this incantation
Arcane forces in the night
Asphyxiation, a soul strangulation
A darkness, blackening my light
Track Name: Kingdom of Sky
Kingdom of Sky

This dream comes every night
My feet on the edge of this cliff
Staring for miles above the sea
Trapped in this same memory

Throwing myself into the sky
Feeling the wind burn my eyes
Watching the sea rush up to me
Ready to swallow my soul


But then the change begins
My arms turn into wings
This wind cradles me warm
Pushing me above the clouds

Open my eyes, a slave to the ground
What have I lost from this dream?
A Kingdom of Clouds
A king over all that I see


Breaking the seals of heaven
Flying through the sky
Reaching for the sun
Before the dream is done-

What is this dream, what is this world?
A God in my mind or insane?
Look to the sun, look to the sky
I know I can fly away-
Track Name: Stone Gods
Stone Gods


Spoken in legend, yet older than time
Down through the ages, somewhere you will find
Tales of the Giants, that ring strong and true
Cause they are among us, yet hidden from view

They are the guardians, everlasting and tall
Through long millennia, their gaze sees it all
Hard as the mountains, immovable and vast
To every horizon, their stone eyes are cast
For they are the sentinels, forever renewed
Eons unmoving, nothing hides from their view


Kings, on Earthly throne, they stand alone
They are the Stone Gods
Our, sins they atone, they'll not condone
They are the Stone God
With, hearts made of Stone, not flesh nor bone
They are the Stone Gods-


They are the watchers, monoliths in time
Ageless and tireless, are their never closing eyes
They are eternal, know not sleep or life
So they're ever watching, through the day and the night
For they are the seers, of death and rebirth
For they are the masters of the world
Keepers of the sky, protectors of the rain
Holders of the wind, all this they claim
Sun, moon and star, Cloud, mist and frost
All they hold sacred, and never to be lost
Track Name: Lake of Lost Souls
Lake of Lost Souls


Shrouded in the twilight
There where dead leaves fall
Spirits in the water
Do you hear them call?

There beyond the sunlight
Down forgotten roads
Hidden in the shadows
Is the Lake of Lost Souls
What waits there below?
In the Lake of Lost Souls

Runaway, runaway, run as fast as you can
From the demon down below
Blood and water, feeding revenge
Dragging you back again
To the Lake of Lost Souls


Who dares to go?
To the Lake of Lost Souls
What waits there below?
In the Lake of Lost Souls
But will you pay the toll?
If the price is your immortal soul-
Track Name: Netherworld

Gathered round the table
Seated one by one
Each hand in another
As the ritual's begun
Who will light the candle?
Who will turn the key?
This portal at our fingertips
To set the demon free


Now arise dark spectral entity
This is what we came here to see
Now arise dark spectral entity
Reveal the spell of the deepest mystery

I hear them beckon
I hear them call
Across the void of fears
The End that rules us all
I hear them whisper
I hear them scream
Across the void of cries and tears
Nightmares and dreams


Word by word
The strings of life are cut
Through mists of time unfurled
To reach into....
Into the Netherworld


One by one
The ties to life undone
Summon unholy ones
To reach into....
Into the Netherworld
Track Name: Adrenaline Junkie
Adrenaline Junkie

Just one bullet in the chamber
Just one round in the gun
Put your finger on the hair trigger
Life or death, just for fun
Do you want someone else to choose
Wether you live or die?
Or are you going to roll the dice
When the stakes are sky high?

Adrenaline Junkie, win or lose
Spitting gasoline
Will you know when your time is up?
When you pull the last 13-


Do you want to play, do you want to play?
Do you want to roll the dice with me?
What you need is adrenaline
What you are, Adrenaline Junkie

Daredevil on a highwire
Giving me a heart attack
Once you step out, off the edge
One slip, no turning back
Is it all about the mad rush?
Or have you just gone insane?
Out there hanging by a thread
Just one hand like a psycho game-
Track Name: Inside the Monster
Monster Inside

I am the beast unseen
Creature of fear and loathing
The terror that's found and made flesh
Tearing apart beneath your skin
Snapping the strings that keep us apart
Fighting the demon that's deep in your heart
Look in my eyes and see that you're dead
Live in the dark to find what you dread


Claws are sharp and teeth are red
Eyes are fixed inside your head
Slowly turn and loose your mind
Start to scream but there's no more time


Can you reveal the Monster?
Can you hide your fear?
Can you face the Devil?
Can you stop the Monster Inside?

Screaming you come to your senses
Shaking you see all the blood
Sweat pours down from your face
Hands holding pieces of pain
Lost in the madness and flame
Where is the crime in what I have done?
Murderous thoughts, how they fade
Look at the light that shines on this blade


Inside the Monster
The beast inside your head
Inside the Monster
The beast that must be fed
Track Name: Heroin

She could have been anyone
An American dream gone wrong
Your friend, your lover, your sister or your mother
Dying right there on the floor
Every young man's dream
The cheerleader or maybe the Prom Queen

Chorus 1:

How can you Love her, if she's not there?
No one knows the depths of her despair
This deep, dark hole, where she crawls in
How she was lost to Heroin
She had the same fantasies
The same dreams as you and me
She's pretty and popular and better than the others
The darling of the club scene

It only took one hit to make her sick
Now she can't feel, the needle prick

Chorus 2:

Is this a nightmare or hellish dream?
Why did no one, hear him scream?
This deep, dark hole, that he fell in
How he was lost to Heroin
Now they're lost to Heroin

He could have been anyone
The boy next door, any mother's son
It only took one hit to make him sick
Now he can't feel, the needle prick
Track Name: Black Symphony
Black Symphony

See the legions, brothers in arms
They march off to war
Spilling their blood, kill or be killed
What are they fighting for?

Hear the cannons, Black Symphony
To which they die
Grimly beneath, a killing sky
What are they dying for?


What has led them to this earthly hell?
It's a Black Symphony
Where the reaper tolls the bell
Know their horror, they face the end
The specter of death
But they fight on, till their last breath
What are they fighting for?

Feel their sorrow, pity the young
Their wasted youth
Simply to hide, to veil the truth
What are they dying for?


In the end, there's no denying
With their lives, they sacrifice
To make a world that's free
For you and me
In the end, that's what I'm saying
That to which, I hope and pray
Never more to hear, the Symphony
Never more, never more
Never more-